The weather has once again been glorious here at Waterpark. Most of the children woke up nice and early and were raring to go; some of them woke up VERY early. The cooked breakfast got everyone fuelled and ready for an action packed day. The groups were on the ropes courses, kayaking, sailing and ghyll scrambling today. The children revelled in getting into the lake, and were jumping in at any given opportunity.

There were some great stories of children overcoming their fears too. Emily managed to capsize her boat after much encouragement and from that point loved being in the water. Jamie-Lee overcame his fear of being in deep water and slowly managed to kayak out onto the middle of the lake. Alesha McKenzie seemed to inhale about 50 midges in the spaces of about 15 minutes whilst kayaking. Charlie found a new love for just floating on the water and would perhaps live on the water now! Leah and Erin quickly got the hang of sailing and had the boat leaning skills down to a tee.

They enjoyed their curry for tea and settled very well to bed after a wide game outside and a story with Mr Robinson.