On the afternoon of Monday 9th of September 2019, M&M Productions came to our school hall at Petteril Bank School and turned it into a theatre! They were performing the classic story of The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. 

The story is about a little girl called Sarah. She lived in India but her Father wanted her to go to a school because he was going to help in the war. The school was called Miss Minchin's School for girls. The headteacher was acting pleasant to Sarah in front of her Father but in reality, she was mean and a bully. This story follows Sarah and her time at the school, experiencing friendship and bullying from other children and adults. She had a precious doll called Emily who kept her company in the lonely times.

We loved the monkey in the story because he was very funny. We loved the happy ending when she left school and her father came back. We were es[pecially pleased when Sarah's father shouted at Miss Minchin! She also gained a new sister. We enjoyed helping Ramdass to move forward and backwards in time using magic. 

Some of us would like to perform plays like this in schools when we are older. We would love to be able to change costumes as quickly as they did and that we will be as good as they were at remembering so many lines. Some of us wish we were as rich as Sarah and her father. When we do our school performances, we will need to practise a lot to make ours as good as this.