On Wednesday 11th September, Year 3 (Derwent) travelled to Ratlingate Scout camp for a full day of Forest School. Ratlingate is an excellent place to learn all about nature and to play outdoors. The scout camp has got a huge forest, a climbing wall, a playing field, a deep pond and a camp area. It also has a building so we can stay dry and use toilets if we need to.

First of all, we explored the area to see what was there. Next, we had a lie down on the ground, using our senses to feel, smell and hear all around us. We had a mid-morning snack before splitting up and hunted for 5 different types of leaf. A few unfortunate children got stung by nettles! We used the leaves for some leaf printing after our lunch. We had a little bit of time before lunch which gave us the chance to build some dens and forts. Some people even made pretend nerf forts in the woods. Ella, Jaydan and Poppy set up a Woodland Restaurant selling pizza, mud soup and hot dogs. The shop also sold special homemade perfume made from leaves, flowers, water soap and berries.

We saw frogs in the pond, worms, ladybugs, squirrels and a bird's nest. Mengo found a ladybug with a black back and red spots, which was unusual. There was a big game of tag between some of the boys in the woods and they were hiding behind the trees. Cristopher was really good at hiding behind a huge tree.