On Tuesday 17th September, Year 3 travelled to Ratlingate again. This was our second visit this year to do Forest School.

It was a lovely sunny day at Ratlingate, which was lovely. Our day was all about berries (and Mr Parker's birthday). We made birthday blackberry pancakes as well as blackberry tea. We collected the berries by looking for thorn bushes, being careful not to get caught on the spikes. We all collected about 50 berries each, carefully plucking them off without squeezing them. 

A group of us went to collect dry sticks for a fire, whilst Mrs Harland tried her very, very, very best to get some flames going. She struggled to create fire but worked very hard to persevere. Miss Heron swooped in and saved the day by getting a fire lit with the flint and steel at the first attempt! Mrs Harland felt surprised, tired and happy that the fire was lit.

We used the fire to cook the berry pancakes for Mr Parker's birthday. Most of the class thought they were delicious. We also squished the blackberries up into pots and used it to make our own paint. Some of us used this to do some painting in our art books.

We also got to meet Ola the dog during the afternoon. She was fluffy with white curly hair.