Rules and routines to keep us all safe at Petteril Bank School

Updates to this information will be highlighted in yellow on a regular basis


  • If any child does not follow the Covid19 behaviour and hygiene rules they will not be allowed to remain in school. 
  • The safety of staff and other children is paramount and any disrespectful action of a child that consequently puts another person in danger will NOT be tolerated in any form.
  • Children must wear comfortable, clean clothes every day (We have spare if this is a concern).
  • Children must wash their hands, on entry to school and continue to wash them at very regular intervals during the day. Parents must inform school if their child/children have any allergies to soap/sanitiser etc.
  • Children will be taught to clean their workstations at regular intervals.
  • Every child will have a box of tissues on their table for hygiene.
Drop off and pick up:
  • Children will arrive at school in the morning and be picked up in the evening at staggered times.
  • This is to minimise the numbers of people on the site at any one time. 
  • No parents will be allowed in the classrooms or on-site without an appointment.
  • All pupils will enter school via the large green gates in the car park.  A member of the senior staff will be there to greet you and take any messages. On the first day of attendance, parents/carers must agree to and sign the COVID-19 home school agreement.  This is available to view and if you wish, to download on the school website).
  • Please try to only send children to school with one adult to drop off and pick up at the allocated time. You should only bring siblings if you absolutely have no alternative option. If you do need to bring siblings, they will need to be by your side and adhere to the social distancing measures we have put in place. 
  • The car park will be marked out with a direction of travel, and markings to stand away from other parents whilst waiting to drop off or collect children.
  • At the end of the day, collection times have been allocated, parents will need to stand on the 2m distancing signs (outside the gates) and children will be sent to you one at a time. 
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the school building.  Contact will continue to be electronic via text message, email or telephone.
  • This will continue to be our procedure for arriving and leaving school regardless of weather conditions. 
Break times and lunch times. 
  • The children will eat their lunch in the classrooms.  Pupils can either bring their own packed lunch or have a school dinner. School dinners will be collected by a member of staff from the school hall and brought to the classroom.
  • Lunch times and break times will be staggered so that groups of children do not mix with any other groups.
  • Children bringing packed lunches from home will need to ensure where possible that any packaging is entirely disposable Lunchboxes are to be discouraged as far as possible.
  • Outside play equipment like the adventure climbing frame will not be in use.
  • Children will have an allocated play space at playtime and lunchtime which will only be with the children that are in their group. They must remain in this space during any outside play and adhere to the social distancing guidelines.
  • The toilet regime will remain as stated above. 
  • Children that are not in school can still order lunches via the school website and these will be delivered by Steve.
In the classroom: 
  • The children will remain in their allotted classroom for the duration of the day except for allocated break times.
  • Doors will be kept open to avoid touching handles and windows will be open at all times.
  • Children will not be allowed to mix with children from other groups at all.
  • Children will not be allowed to leave the classroom for any other reason except toileting.
  • The toilets will be cleaned regularly.
  • The children will sit at desks, where they will be at least 2m apart, all facing the same direction.
  • This includes the reception and nursery children. Nursery and Reception children will use the outdoor spaces at times during the day.
  • All unnecessary furniture, equipment and soft furnishing will have been removed.
  • The children will work at their desks. The work will be the same as the learning sent home. 
  • The children will be provided with the equipment they need, and it will only be used and touched by them.
  • They will have some lessons that will involve a lot of independent learning as the teacher will not be able to sit next to them to give them targeted support. The adult needs to keep social distancing when teaching.
  • Additional activities will be included and adapted within the daily routine to provide opportunities for children to talk about feelings and worries.
  • Staff members are aware that children have been though an unusual time and will be looking out for signs and will work with families to support this.
  • The classrooms will be cleaned in the middle and at the end of each day in line with Government guidance.
  • The bins will be emptied, and desks will be sprayed throughout the day. 
  • Handles will be wiped regularly
Symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • If your child is displaying any of the 3 symptoms (cough, temperature, loss of sense of smell or taste, they MUST NOT come to school for 7days and you will need to notify the school as soon as possible.
  • If a child displays symptoms (temperature, cough or loss of sense of smell / taste) at school they will be immediately taken to an isolation room and you will be expected to collect them immediately. They should then be taken for testing.
  • If the test is positive you must inform the school, and the child’s bubble will be shut down immediately.
  • No child will be allowed to return for 14 days and must have not displayed any symptoms on their return.
  • The same process will be followed by the adults at school
Key worker children:
  • Any children that have been on the key worker list (accessing the hub) will still be able to come to school but they will remain in a key worker group and will not mix with any other groups of children or bubbles until their own year group bubble returns to school.  At this point, if agreed with parents, pupils may join their year group bubble. They will not be able to return to their previous bubble. 
  • Key worker children will still need remain at home when parents are not working.
  • All these precautions have been put in place to stop the spread of the virus and to ensure that we all take as much care as possible in ensuring that groups of children do not come into contact.
  • We want to protect your children, you and of course our staff.  
  • More details will be sent out regarding the times your children will need to arrive and be picked up from school and where from. I hope this has given you more information regarding how the school will operate during these difficult and testing times.