15th June 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


School Leaders and Governors across our CASPA cluster hope that this letter finds you well, healthy and safe. The CASPA cluster have worked together throughout these unprecedented times, regularly meeting, (virtually or social distanced), to ensure we have steered our communities in the best way that we could. Inevitably, some schools within our cluster have taken some different approaches at times and that has been the appropriate thing to do for their school.


Since the return to our own schools from 1st June, individual schools have operated in very similar ways but with some minor differences. The government’s and local authority’s stated priorities within the phased reopening of primary schools are shown below.

  1. Critical Workers' children
  2. Vulnerable Children including EHCP pupils
  3. Critical Workers' children now needing access to our provision
  4. Vulnerable Children including EHCP pupils now needing access to our provision
  5. Reception
  6. Year 1
  7. Year 6

Due to the diverse nature of the schools in our cluster, the priority order from number 3. down may vary from school to school.

Parents, staff and children from different schools communicate with parents, staff and children at other schools from across the city, county and wider. It is important to note and appreciate that all schools are different and therefore we strongly urge you not to make judgmental comparisons between the offers made by each school. Some of these differences include.

The age range of the school, the early years provision, the number of Key worker children, the number of children on EHCP’s, the complex needs of children, the staff available to be on site, the size of the classrooms, the layout of the building, the outdoor space, the toilets, the ability to offer meals, Edenred voucher use, Year groups returning for a full week, half week, set days, full time provision or part time, home learning.

This is not an exhaustive list but gives a flavour of the diversity of our schools. Each school completes a detailed, comprehensive Risk Assessment and makes an offer of service based on their capacity.

We sincerely hope that you appreciate that all of the CASPA schools are doing the very best they can to ensure that they offer what is right for their setting, their children and their community.

We continue to place your children’s health and wellbeing at the forefront of our decisions, we appreciate your support during these challenging times. We would ask that you continue to support us by helping us to follow the guidelines and advice of NHA bodies and the advice from Government.


CASPA is trying very hard to keep up with Government guidance. This itself is very difficult given the volume and frequency. We are trying our very best.


Yours sincerely



Carlisle South Alliance Head Teachers

Alliance Head teachers –

Jonathan Burnsall (Brook Street Primary),

Deborah Boekestein (Inglewood Infants),

David Grimshaw (Inglewood Juniors),

Carolyn Murray (Norman Street Primary),

Joseph Askew (Petteril Bank Primary),

Sue Blair (Pennine Way Primary),

Jackie Watson (Scotby Primary),

Michael Merrick (St Margaret Mary Catholic Primary & St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School),

Sarah Nuttall (The Bishop Harvey Goodwin School),

Jose Hodgkins (Upperby Primary)