Dear Year 6 Students,

My name is Mrs Barnsley and I am the teacher at Central Academy who is responsible for your 
transition to secondary school. I have been working with your Year 6 teachers to gather lots of 
information about you so that even though we have not met yet, I know what you are good at and 
what you enjoy doing in and out of school. 
Miss Cottrell will be your Head of Year when you join us and together, she and I have been 
organising your classes and tutor groups. 
Miss Bacon is the Academy Principal and she has also been very interested in finding out about all of 
you. Before the end of term, we hope that you and a parent will be able to come in to Central to 
meet us and your Form Tutor, we will write to your parents inviting you in nearer the end of term.
For now, I wanted to tell you a little bit about life at Central Academy and give you the chance to ask 
me any questions. But please remember things in your school and our school are very different at 
the moment from how it usually is because of social distancing and other new rules to keep us all 
safe – so what I am telling you now might not be exactly how things are in September – we just don’t 
know yet what changes will still be in place or what new changes might happen over the summer 
but this is what usually happens in Central and we hope will be happening again sometime soon.
Our uniform is grey and red and if you look at the Central Academy website you will see photos of 
our students in their uniform and PE kit. We want our students to be proud of being at Central 
Academy and wearing our uniform is very important to us.
Our timetable is set out so that all students begin each day in their Tutor Group with their Form 
Tutor, this gets everyone organised for the day ahead. In September we will have a 5-lesson day with 
each lesson lasting for 1 hour. Year 7 students will study English; Maths; Science; Geography; 
History; RS; PSE; German; Design Technology; Art; Music; Drama; PE and Computer Science – so you 
will all be very busy. Homework is set each week and you will be given a diary planner to write down 
what you need to do and when it needs to be handed in.
We have a canteen which is open before school for breakfast, at breaktime and lunchtime serving 
different foods each day. More information on the catering service including sample menus can be 
found on the Academy website if you look at the Information drop down menu. Students can also 
bring packed lunches if they want to – but we do not allow fizzy drinks or any kind of sports/energy 
drinks in school. 
You will become members of the school library when you join us and there are thousands of books 
available for you to borrow to help with your learning and to read for pleasure. Reading is really 
important to us and we want our students to spend some time each day reading a book that they 
We have lots of extra curricular clubs available and we always encourage our Year 7 students to try 
out different activities and meet new friends doing something fun. When you join us you will be 
given a timetable of what clubs are on each day at lunchtime and after school.
So now it is over to you – please talk about coming to Central with your friends, your teacher and 
your parents and think of any questions that you would like to ask me. Your teacher will put them 
together in a list and email them to me and I will email back the answers.


Remember, Central Academy might not look exactly like you remember it from your visits to us and 
things might not be exactly as I have described here in September – but one thing is for certain, we 
are all really looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you properly as our new Year 7 
students so WELCOME TO CENTRAL ACADEMY we hope you are looking forward to joining us.
Very best wishes
Mrs Barnsley