Petteril Bank Community School is committed to the safety and the well-being of its pupils and staff.

The school recognises the importance of providing an ethos and environment that will help children to feel safe, secure and respected; encourage them to talk openly; and enable them to feel confident that they will be listened to.

In order to help promote this ethos within school, we have a number of resources which provide clear information and support to all pupils and stakeholders.

Displays and posters

Across our school site, safeguarding displays are an integral fixture. Our displays which are aimed at pupils and parents/carers are located in our main school entrance and outside the school hall. Our staff safeguarding displays are present in the staffroom and in the PPA room. All of the displays are regularly updated to reflect changes in policy/procedure. They are regularly referred to and have an element of interaction to ensure they don’t become ‘wallpaper’ but instead are useful sources of information.

To support our distinctive, safeguarding displays we also have our ‘Implementing the Child Protection Policy’ cards which are displayed across the site, including in all classrooms, teaching spaces, offices and communal areas.  These, combined with our ‘Safeguarding Responsibility Poster’ (both aimed at adults), help to promote the ethos that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibly and serves as a reminder for all staff and volunteers in school. These resources provide key information to adults, including who to speak to if they have any concerns, relevant contact details and procedure.

Safeguarding: Poster and Procedure Card (Adults)

Finally, at the main entrance, greeting all visitors, staff and parents/carers is a poster displaying the names and faces of our safeguarding team at Petteril Bank Community School. This visually highlights who the designated people with responsibility for safeguarding and child protection are and who to speak to if anyone has any concerns.

Safeguarding: Team Poster


At Petteril Bank Community School, we have designed three useful leaflets, which outline vital information in relation to safeguarding. The first leaflet is specifically aimed at adults (staff/volunteers/visitors etc.) as it provides essential information on key policy and procedure.  The second publication, is a child-friendly safeguarding leaflet which explains how children can be supported if they have any worries or concerns and who they can talk to in school, at home or in the wider school community. The third is for parents and contains vital information to support parents/carers. All leaflets are readily available, clearly displayed and updated when necessary.

Safeguarding Leaflets



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