Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Inclusion policy

At Petteril Bank School we identify children who may have SEN needs through a variety of ways, always building a full picture of each child and the need they may have. Class teachers are encouraged to raise concerns and have discussions with parents and relevant colleagues if they have concerns about any child, which may be academic, emotional, social or behavioural. Staff are aware of expected development at different ages and have expertise in identifying additional / special educational needs (SEN). If you have a concern about your child’s development please raise this with the class teacher in the first instance. We value our close relationships with parents and welcome discussions with parents about their child’s development.
Class teachers are responsible for the education of all the children in their class. With support from the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) they plan the education programme for children who have or may have SEN. Where appropriate, children may be supported by an additional adult. For example, this support could be in class; in a small group outside the class or one-to-one. The school has a nominated governor for Special Educational Needs – Mrs A Lythgoe. The governors agree spending from the school budget with the aim that all children with SEN have the appropriate support.
High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have or may have SEN. Additional intervention and support may be appropriate in some cases. This will enable your child to access the full curriculum.
In addition to the school’s normal reporting arrangements, we also have an open door policy to enable more informal and frequent conversations with you and your child. The progress of each child is carefully monitored and tracked on a regular basis during pupil progress meetings. This along with other information gathered informs staff on the next steps for your child. Progress and targets are discussed with parents as part of the school's reporting arrangements. In some cases, your child may require an individual support plan or behaviour management plan which will be drawn up in consultation with you and your child and reviewed regularly. For some children with profound and lifelong needs an Education Health and Care Assessment may be requested with advice and support from external agencies. Where appropriate we signpost parents to relevant agencies within the communities who can offer further support to you and your child. Parents will be informed of targets and progress made at IEP reviews.
The class teacher has overall responsibility for the pastoral, medical and social care of all the children in their class and the class teacher should be the first point of contact for parents. Our caring staff recognises children’s well being and self esteem are vital building blocks for learning. Our inclusive school develops children’s understanding of acceptable behaviour and how to manage feelings towards others. Through activities we develop tolerance and respect of others in school. We use a wide range of small group interventions to support the wellbeing of children with SEN and to promote positive behaviour. For example, circle time, small group speaking and listening activities, school counsellor. We seek children’s views through the school council and discussions with the children. We have support families to develop good patterns of attendance. Behaviour expectations within school are high and children are supported to develop good manners and behaviour. Children needing further support may have an individual behaviour plan. The school follows statutory guidance in the administration of medicines and provision of personal care.
As a school we work closely with a wide range of external agencies including social care including safeguarding hub, social workers and counseling services. Educational psychologist, Barnardo’s, health services and behaviour support. There is a wealth of experience and expertise in the school staff including those trained in team teach and paediatric first aid and allergies.
Individual staff development needs are identified and met as part of the formal appraisal process.
The school building is wheelchair accessible and the school has a disabled toilet. Dual language books are available within school.
We encourage visits to our school prior to starting. For children with additional needs further visits would be encouraged. Where appropriate we will develop social stories using pictures from within school to aid transition. We have strong links with other local schools and work closely to ensure a smooth transition to other schools. When children move to secondary school we support via meetings and visits to the school. For children with additional needs we would meet with staff from the school to pass on information and discuss specific needs.
We aim to allocate resources appropriately to meet the needs of all children with special educational needs. The budget is allocated on a need basis. We have a team of support staff funded from within the school budget who deliver a range of interventions to meet the needs of the children in school.
The decisions about the type of support your child needs will be based on discussions between all interested parties including you as a parent. We will provide support on a needs basis and different activities may be offered to support different children’s needs. Support provided will be reviewed and monitored, children will move off the SEN register when they have made sufficient progress.
Constant dialogue ensures that parents are kept fully informed of all aspects of the child’s education. Please contact the child’s teacher, the Headteacher or Special Needs Coordinator at the school if you have any questions.


For further information contact

Parent Partnership: http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/childrensservices/schoolsandlearning/ils/specialeducationalneeds/

Independent parental special education advice (IPSEA): www.ipsea.org.uk


If you are considering enrolling your child at our school contact the school office on 01228 631650 to make an appointment.

SEND Policy

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