School Dinners (during school closure - Coronavirus)

Thank you for using the website 'contact us' form to order your lunches each day. We have staff dedicated to checking this and informing Steve (Old Hall Cafe) about food orders. We hope that having the food delivered to you has been helpful. For us, it has allowed us to keep the number of people on-site to a minimum. 

We have decided to continue to offer school lunches during the next two weeks, even though this would usually be the Easter break. This includes offering free lunches to all children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 as well as those eligible for Free School Meals. Please continue to place your orders through the school website contact form (scroll to the bottom and click the drop-down menu and choose school dinners). We also offer the chance to purchase meals.

As you can imagine, the packaging and delivery of these meals has increased the cost to us to provide this service to you. Therefore the price of each paid meal will increase from £2.10 to £2.30 per meal.

To make our work more manageable during this time, we ask that you make a decision on your school dinner orders for a whole week at a time. Please let us know the following information on the contact form:

  • names of the children (so we know which meals are free and which are chargeable at £2.30) 
  • which days meal(s) are to be ordered for
  • how many meals to be ordered each day.

Please look at the menu below for what is on offer each day. Deadline for placing orders is 10am each Monday morning for the coming week. Earlier is much appreciated.

School Meals Menu 1 - week beginning 23rd March 2020
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Baked pork sausage with
Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes & veg or beans
Spaghetti bolognese with ciabatta bread & veg
Pork meatballs in gravy with mashed potato & veg
Homemade minced beef pie, roast potatoes & veg
Fish fingers & chips with veg or beans



School Meals Menu 2 - week beginning 30th March 2020
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Pasta bolognese with ciabatta bread & veg
Roast pork in gravy with sage and onion stuffing, mashed potatoes & veg
Minced beef and gravy with Yorkshire pudding mashed potatoes and veg
Homemade chicken pie served with roast potatoes and veg
Cheese and tomato pizza, chips and peas or beans





School Dinners (when school is open)

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have a hot meal in school each day.  This is provided free as part of the universal free school meals.

Children in Key Stage 2 may purchase a school for £2.10 per day.  This is payable on a Monday for the full week.  Please send £10.50 in an envelope with your child’s name on to give to the class teacher.

If you think you may be eligible for free school meals please speak to Mrs Marland or Mrs Wilkins in the office for an application form.

Below is a sample of the two week menus, this is just a guide, please check the current menus on the library windows.

School Dinner Menu

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